Your Needs

Mobile development is a very challenging field and it is hard to attract talent and maintain it.

Ensure your team is on the same page before you move forward to

  • Enhance the architecture of your app(s).

  • Add tests to your codebase.

  • Become a tests-first (TDD) team.

  • Or benefit from the joys of continuous integration & continuous delivery.

Improve development skills

  • Help your development team to write better code: cleaner, with a better version control history.

  • Adopt Swift or Kotlin for real apps.

  • Promote your junior and middle developers to a more senior position.

Promote a training event in your city

  • Offer some world class training within a conference that you are organizing.

  • Offer a superb mobile development course in a training event that you are promoting.

My Skills

I am focused in software architecture and best practices. I have developed and tested my own teaching materials which have been delivered to many teams around the globe. I have a catalog of courses that address several architecture and best practice topics and they are open to be tailored to your actual needs.

I use a very pragmatic approach in all my trainings. They are hands on sessions in which we write real code to learn how to do things, instead of just explaining them. I design all my courses as iterative and constructive approaches to learn the matter at hand. I start each topic with brief introduction to the concepts and theory, and then we move onto writing the code. The average distribution of my trainings is 25% theory / 75% practice. I strongly suggest that all the attendees to the training write their code, their implementation of the solution. We share that code and learn from it.

I can deliver my contents in Java or Kotlin for Android, and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. I have successfully performed several trainings targeting simultaneously both platforms.

I deliver on premise and on-line1 trainings.

My Experience

I have done training for a long while, long before I became freelancer. I worked for the best bootcamps in U.S.A. and Europe. I taught both iOS and Android with the Mobile Makers and was part of the first editions of the Ironhack iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp. I love helping talented developers to expand their knowledge about mobile apps architecture, Core Data and testing (Unit testing & TDD), or CI&CD.

Nowadays, I design, prepare, and conduct my own trainings for Canonical Examples. I also collaborate with selected partners like Skills Matter, that organize and offer my trainings.

Try before you buy

I can do a free workshop for your team, on premise2 or remote, or you can attend any of the public ones that are stand alone or part of a conference. When there is one available, I will include it in the upcoming events of my talks page.


Should it make sense for that given content.


You only have to cover the travel expenses, if any.