Your Needs

Sometimes you need to bring some additional knowledge and experience into your team to complement their skills so something can happen right now.

Design the architecture

  • Take solid architectural decisions right from the start of your greenfield project.

  • Address new challenges in an already existing application.

Refactor your existing project to a better architecture

  • Maximize collaboration and throughput within your development team.

  • Reduce maintenance problems and the time it takes to solve them.

  • Evolve the legacy code in your codebase, so it addresses the business needs.

  • Introduce unit tests, integration tests, or acceptance tests to your code.

  • Evolve the app that proved the business opportunity for your startup, so you can keep on leading the market.

Introduce Best Practices

  • Go one step beyond and adopt unit testing, integration testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, …


  • Get reliable support to implement an advanced architecture, so you can take confident decisions about where to start in your codebase.

  • Address the unexpected challenges of implementing the best practices in your projects.

  • Refactor your actual code into what you would like it to evolve, benefiting from the experience of who has done it before.

My Skills

I can write the code for your app, in Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, or Swift, or coach your team to apply and expand the knowledge that they already have.

I can also (re-)design the architecture of your application and plan its implementation.

I can work on your codebase to add meaningful tests, or collaborate with your team in the process implementing the tests and/or CI&CD.

My Experience

I have collaborated with some big teams, helped them with their projects, and put them on the right track to use an architecture that made sense both for their Android and iOS applications.

I have contributed to the implementation of an advanced architecture, for several companies. I helped to solve the most challenging architectural issues and to extend their benefits to other platforms, like Voice User Interfaces.

I have also helped startups to prototype their products or to refactor them when they had grown beyond the initial expectation. I have focused on providing solutions that were easy to apply while allowing them to remain competitive and add new features as the market demands them.

I enjoy playing with the latest technologies and applying my knowledge to them. Reusing code for Swift Server Side projects, designing the architecture of IoT apps, or taking advantage of architecture when developing a VUI are a few examples.

Try before you buy

Would you like to know what I could do for your projects? Let's talk and schedule a free session. You will tell me what your needs are and I will offer you a detailed explanation about how I can help you to reach your goals.