Your Needs

You want to produce a successful event for your audience. You want a speaker that makes an appealing talk and that is willing to participate in the social networking with the rest of the people.

A talk for your conference

  • Original content about architecture or best practices.

  • Examples that illustrate the topic and can be understood by all.

  • Snippets of code of your preferred language.

  • A story that drives the talk and keeps people engaged.

A workshop

  • A short one to include some practical experience in the event.

  • A longer one: A few days of training that can be sold together with the conference tickets.

My Skills

I try to deliver new content for each of the conferences that I have participated in. The rule is not to repeat content when it has been recorded, and most conferences record their talks nowadays.

I deliver my workshops in the same format that I do my trainings: in full hands on format.

My Experience

I have been invited to talk in 20+ countries, in the most relevant mobile development conferences both for iOS and Android.

I have also delivered 90 - 180 min workshops about different topics: architecture, unit testing, continuous integration, TDD, or refactoring among others. I consistently have positive ratings from the audience.

Try before you buy

Many of my talks have been recorded on video. I have a list with many of them that includes links to the ones that have video available.