Mobile Technology Expertise on demand!
20+ years of experience in the most demanding of IT environments, focused on security for the last 15 years and in mobile development for the last 6 years.

iOS apps

I create beautiful, useful, and specialized apps that solve real life problems.

Currently, I am working on the next release of Rex Lists, the checklist app, and running a beta version of our next App: SupaShoppa. If you are interested in testing that App, contact me!

I enjoy playing with the latest technology and have already developed an app for Android Wear. The one for the Apple Watch will be comming soon.


I work for the best companies to help them to have the best mobile apps.

Do you have problems scaling your iOS or Android app? Does your team need help with the architecture? Or with unit testing or continuous integration processes? I work on time and material projects, and also fixed-price projects. I also do project management for complex applications.

Contact me for more information.

Trainings & Talks

I love sharing my knowledge.

I do training for the best bootcamps in U.S.A. and Europe. I have worked with the Mobile Makers teaching both iOS and Android and was part of the first editions of the Ironhack iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp. I love helping talented developers to expand their knowledge about mobile apps architecture, Core Data and Testing (Unit testing & TDD).